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About Us

‘More Than Route 66’ was born from a passion (some may say obsession) for travel.

Partners Jason and Todd enjoy writing about destinations, and chronicling their global adventures through writing and photography. Self described aviation geeks, Jason and Todd also write about the flight experience with airline reviews and aviation related articles. Aside from destination pieces and airline related articles, favorite topics on More Than Route 66 will include travel news and stories from around the world.

The ‘More Than Route 66’ name was somewhat tongue-in-cheek at first. It came about from watching a popular Australian travel show, known for highlighting wonderful destinations around the globe. But when the show got around to highlighting a U.S. destination, it always seemed to revolve around LA and Route 66. As great as they are, Jason and Todd wanted something more, and so they started this website.

Both Jason and Todd hope that this blog will inspire and encourage readers to visit the many places highlighted here. Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoy these posts as much as we enjoy writing them!


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  1. Dennis Watt
    Apr 5 2012

    This is really very interesting, would like to see information about car racing, car museums, marine museums and wooden boat festivals, thank you


    • Anonymous
      Apr 5 2012

      Hi Dennis,

      Thanks for your ideas, much appreciated! We will add these suggestions to the list and keep an eye out for future posts. If you would like to subscribe by email you will receive our posts instantly.



  2. Danielle
    Jan 12 2014

    So happy I found your blog. Cannot wait to read more of it.


    • Jan 12 2014

      Thanks Danielle for the comment. Hope you enjoy. Let us know if you would like us to write about anything in particular.



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