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Lorraine Motel - Memphis

Civil Rights Museum & Martin Luther King – Memphis, Tennessee

Historic sites should act as both monument and learning tool; no matter how confronting. If there is an argument for historic preservation, it is that these treasured places have the ability to teach, inform and inspire. Historic sites enrich our culture, inform the mind and touch the soul.

Looking through these windows in time gives us as a society the rare ability to take a look back, see where we were, and often times where we’re headed, hopefully bringing some form of clarity to the future.
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Graceland entrance

Elvis Presley Graceland – An Historic Treasure

Graceland is a place revered by many. To Elvis fans around the world, this stately, old colonial house on the outskirts of downtown Memphis is almost sacred.

Love for the King and the devotion to preserving his legacy are very much evident in and around Graceland as well as its visitor’s centre, both of which encompass a most fitting tribute to Elvis, his life and his music.

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