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How to travel when in lockdown or quarantine

Armchair travelling: the art of exploring the world from home.

The act of armchair travel is not a new concept, but its popularity has grown rapidly. With lockdowns due to Covid-19 continuing, these films are sure to satisfy your travel bug.

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App Store Logo

5 travel Apps to download

When the now ubiquitous Apple iPhone entered our lives in 2007 it set in motion a revolutionary new method of communication, changing the way we interact with the world around us. And what about those remarkable little ornaments we all organise so lovingly on our smartphone screens? Apps, with just one touch, can open up a whole new world, revealing itself in all its digital information glory. From games to booking a flight to navigation and finding the nearest Chinese restaurant, Apps have reduced the world into tiny, palm-sized tools. And for today’s modern traveler, these conveniences have certainly made it easier to stay connected while on the road.

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Chicago Architecture Cruise - First Lady Cruises

Picture Review of Chicago River Architecture Cruise

Chicago, the gleaming and stylish city on the shores of beautiful Lake Michigan is always a pleasure to visit. A walk along its tree-lined streets, beautiful wide avenues and manicured parks never fail to impress. The ‘city of big shoulders’ is known for many things, but, one of its most acclaimed features is its architecture. Chicago is after all the birthplace of the modern skyscraper
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Top 10 Funny and Unusual Town Names in America

Sometimes, a name is just a name, and other times it speaks volumes about a city or town. From the wacky, to the downright unfortunate, these 10 towns make quite a name for themselves.

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Golden Gate Bridge - San Francisco

5 Famous American Bridges

America boasts some of the most famous and understated bridges in the world today. Here we review 5 of the most famous and historic. Travel throughout certain regions and you will drive over bridges dating back to the 1800’s.
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28 Barbary Lane - aka Macondray Lane

Tales of the City by Armistead Maupin – My self guided tour of San Francisco

“This is a must read!” a friend exclaimed, as he explained the collection of fascinating characters I’d get to know, in this now classic series of books.

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Entrance to Chapultepec Park with the castle on the hill

Mexico City and a Milestone Birthday

Mexico City – it’s like no other city in the world – certainly unlike any other north of the Rio Grande.

It’s what every capital should be – vibrant, cultured, inspiring, and above all, a reflection of the country it represents. This Mexican looking glass is at once modern, and mysterious. Ancient Aztec ruins stand proudly alongside colonial era cathedrals. A short drive outside the capital, the Pyramids of the Sun and the Moon stand like desert ornaments, reminding us of the great pre-Columbian civilization of Teotihuacan.

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WTC memorial museum sign

9/11 World Trade Center Memorial & Museum Review – New York City

Often a day in history is remembered for many reasons. It may be a wedding, birthday or a significant milestone that was achieved. Other times we remember where we were on days of tragedy. There are certain world events that etch themselves into one’s mind and history books forever and September 11, 2001, was no exception. Many lives were affected by the horrific events that day in New York. In just a few short hours thousands of people lost their lives and millions of people from around the world were affected when one of the world’s great tragedies unfolded before our eyes.
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Los Angeles Airport LAX Sign

The best time to fly from Australia to the USA

According to recent statistics, Australian’s have been taking to the skies in record numbers over the past few years. Scores of aircraft cross the Pacific daily, filled with tourists and business travellers alike, making Australia to U.S. routes some of the top international markets for air travel. So when is the cheapest time to fly to the U.S.A. from Australia?

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View from aircraft window

Which airlines fly between the US and Australia?

There are currently seven airlines that fly between the US and Australia from Los Angeles alone. With multiple daily non-stop services, the competition has never been hotter, and for passengers, it’s never been a cheaper time to travel.

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Honky Tonk Central - Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville’s Honky Tonk & Country Music Bars

Known as the country music capital of the world, Nashville is famed for producing many of the world’s best known, and loved, country and rock music stars. And there is no escaping music from this charming southern city.

Even arriving at Nashville’s International Airport, you are often greeted by local singers and songwriters most hours of the day. Nashville’s most famed honky-tonk bar, Tootsie’s, has two locations within the airport alone with live music and cold beer all day long.

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British Airways 787 Premium Economy review – Nashville to London

In the last several years, British Airways (BA) has embarked on a North American expansion, made possible, in part, because of their fleet of economical 787 Dreamliners.

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Aspen Colorado

Where to spend Christmas in America – Top 10 places

Christmas is a time to celebrate and enjoy the festive season with family and friends, reflecting on the year that was with hopes of joy for the future. For some, this special season is a time to travel and explore, discovering the many ways Christmas is celebrated around the world. Here we look at ten great destinations to spend Christmas in the U.S.A. where the blessings of Christmas can be celebrated and observed.
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Blue Ribbon Bags Carousel

6 Ways To Avoid Jet Lag – Infographic

It’s the dreaded part of a traveller’s journey – crisscrossing the dateline and multiple time zones, we often struggle with how to sync our internal body clocks with the clock on the wall that seems to have been turned on its head. The fog we experience has a name – a name that brings dread and despair…..jet lag.

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Statue of Liberty New York

Best ways to view the Statue of Liberty – New York City

“She has style, she has grace, she is Miss United States”. An apt line for the robed lady who has been welcoming visitors to American shores since 1886.

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