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planet earth

How to travel when in lockdown or quarantine

Armchair travelling: the art of exploring the world from home.

The act of armchair travel is not a new concept, but its popularity has grown rapidly. With lockdowns due to Covid-19 continuing, these films are sure to satisfy your travel bug.

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Cognac Cheese Puffs

4 Must Try New York City Restaurants

Manhattan – we’ve all seen the beautiful skyline pictures promising a city of excitement, glitz and glamour; and you will not be disappointed. When it comes to eating out in this enticing metropolis, you are spoiled for choice.  Research shows there are approximately 18,700 restaurants to choose from in Manhattan alone, let alone the exciting boroughs such as Brooklyn, the Bronx and Queens where countless more options are available.

To try them all in one year you would need to eat 51 meals per day…..that’s a lot of chedda’ yo! So, if you are going to make it in this highly competitive food industry, then you need to be good. And I mean really good!
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Union Square at Dusk

Union Square , San Francisco – A Comprehensive Travel Guide

Union Square, with its towering memorial statue and air of California sophistication is perfectly placed in the pulsating heart of downtown San Francisco. An inviting city plaza surrounded by swaying palms, upscale retailers and historic hotels, the clanging of passing cable cars only heightens this already charming urban scene.

The commercial centre of the city, Union Square features some of the best shopping in the country. Interspersed with lovely restaurants and inviting cafes, Union Square is the perfect place to enjoy an al fresco coffee or meal while watching the world go by.

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Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

Taste of Chicago Festival – Food, music and giant pickles!

Discover Chicago’s secret recipe on how to create the largest food festival in the world. With crowds of over 3 million expected this year, this gastronomic event has come a long way since its humble beginnings in 1980. Savoured over four days from July 10-14, Grant Park comes alive showcasing the city’s finest food stalls, restaurants, pop up food vans and entertainment.
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Las Vegas Boulevard

Famous Celebrity Restaurants in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is famous for many things; wild parties, drive-through wedding chapels, cheap buffets and over the top themed casinos. Sin City has also long been the playground of the rich and famous. Now a new form of celebrity fame is emerging up and down the strip – celebrity restaurants. These famous eateries have forged a new tourism market and are the latest trend to hit the famed Vegas strip.
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Guide to Tipping in the USA

On any trip to the USA, tipping can be an unusual and confusing concept for any traveller and often daunting. Here is our quick guide to best tipping practises throughout America to get you through a stress free holiday.
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Pumpkin Pie

The Cheesecake Factory Review – this is true love…

One of my favourite parts of travelling is experiencing new and interesting flavours and sampling the unique cuisine each destination has to offer. And it’s no secret to anyone who knows me that I love my food! The best part is, you don’t have to travel far within America to start tasting the local influences.
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Classic American hamburger

Chips and Pickles – American obsession or just plain awesome?

With most sandwich lunches in America you will find a common – and I think interesting – addition to your sandwich plate. You don’t have to ask for it, it’s just always there – something I found that is almost as “American as apple pie”.   Both are crunchy and salty and one a little bit sour but they make the perfect pair and complement any sandwich.  I’m talking about the pickle and potato chip, and I was curious how it all got started…
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Key Lime Pie Cheesecake

Top 5 American Pies

Prior to our last USA trip I was asked what my favourite American pie was. My response was that it was like trying to select my favorite star in the sky! I know, kind of corny, but what can I say, I love pie.  Inevitably it sparked the favourite pie conversation and all the different pies out there. So I set myself a mission….to eat my way though America and try as many pies as possible. It was a tough task, but I was up for the challenge. And here is what I found…
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Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

Top 5 American Foods To Indulge In

Undo the top button and prepare your taste buds. While on holidays, who can resist a dose of comfort food here and there; in moderation of course! Here is a list of America’s favourite comfort foods.

Everything is bigger and better in the USA and generally produced on a large scale, with food being no exception. Think buffets in Vegas, Pizza in New York and Philly Cheesesteak. Try some of these home-grown favourites to get a unique taste of America.
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