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Reflections from the still sea water of an Antarctic inlet.

Antarctica By Air Flight Review – Images of the ice continent

I’ve always had a fascination with Antarctica. Maybe it’s the remoteness and inaccessibility of the icy pole that lures the explorer from within. Or maybe it’s the sheer size of the Earth’s largest continent with its mountainous terrain and harsh atmosphere where 98% of the landscape is covered in snow and ice.

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Antarctica mountain ranges stretching towards the horizon.

Antarctica Flying – An Interview With Qantas 747 Captain Rob Meek

It may be the world’s largest continent, but so much is unknown about remote, mountainous Antarctica. A land of mystery, intrigue and adventure, it’s no wonder this icy destination features high on many traveller’s bucket lists. The flying kangaroo has taken us even further down under with this one day sightseeing tour from Adelaide to Antarctica.

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