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February 2, 2015


Our Most Viewed Blog Articles in 2014 Are…

by Jason Dutton-Smith
Route 66 sign Santa Monica

Our 2014 goal of more travel was certainly achieved and a resolution we didn’t mind keeping! So much so that we decided to keep the same resolution in 2015.  We wrote about just some of those wonderful travel experiences here and we have loved sharing them with you. So we thought we’d take a quick look at some of our most popular blogs last year. Here is a look at the highlights of 2014.

10. United Airlines Upgrade Service Between Australia and the USA
Originally announced in late 2013 and welcomed with a huge fan fare, United took to the skies in April 2014 with their new 777 aircraft with the latest seats, service and entertainment. United also started non-stop service from Melbourne to Los Angeles with the all new 787 Dreamliner aircraft, eliminating the required stop-over in Sydney.

United Airlines Economy Seat Back Entertainment

United Airlines Economy Seat Back Entertainment

9. Off the Beaten Track in Los Angeles
It seems you all love to get off the beaten track when travelling. And so do we. Living like a local can be a rewarding experience. We found five popular ‘local’ places to enjoy in Los Angeles; away from the crowds and obvious tourist hot spots. Let us know if we should add any others?

Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica Pier from Venice Beach.

8. Foggy Bottom Canoe and Kayak on the Harpeth River
We were so glad that you all enjoyed this story. This pictorial review of our trip up the Harpeth River, just outside of Nashville, was a fantastic day. There is a lot to be said by a name and this is what drew us to Foggy Bottom Canoe and Kayak originally when searching for a little adventure in Tennessee.

Foggy Bottom kayaks along the Harpeth River.

Foggy Bottom kayaks along the Harpeth River.

7. Elvis Presley Graceland
You don’t have to be a fan of Elvis to enjoy a visit to Graceland. This old colonial house outside of Memphis, Tennessee is revered by many. Love for the King and the devotion to preserve his legacy are very much evident in and around Graceland as well as its visitor’s centre, both of which encompass a most fitting tribute to Elvis, his life and his music. Filled with images, take an inside tour of one of the most famous homes in the world.

Graceland entrance

Graceland entrance

6. Tales of the City by Armistead Maupin – A self guided tour of San Francisco
This self guided tour of the book and film locations in San Francisco proved to be a popular article. The cult classic of gay life in the 1970’s in San Francisco has a dedicated following. Armed with my map and a day up my sleeve I went off in search of the famed Barbary Lane where Mary-Anne Singleton once lived and other locations as described in the book.

Stairs of 28 Barbary Lane

Stairs of 28 Barbary Lane

5. Top 5 Must-See Capitol Buildings of the USA
Anyone with an appreciation for architecture or simply interested in looking at a destination through the eyes of history will enjoy a visit to a state capitol building. Like great cathedrals looking to welcome and inspire, these shrines to state government were built to impress – and the small towns and big cities that surround these great buildings are often just as fascinating.

Capitol Building Madison WI

4. Civil Rights Museum and Martin Luther King
While there are many moments in history that reverberate through time – events that have both stained our history and enriched it, we must work to ensure that all of our history is saved – the good along with the bad. This pictorial blog and walk through of history has been popular with our readers and gives an insight to the last days of Martin Luther King.

Original cars parked downstairs from room 306

Original cars parked downstairs from room 306

3. 5 Famous American Bridges
One of our original blogs from when we first launched in 2012 is still popular today. Highlighting five of America’s famous bridges, with some dating back to the 1800’s, this article complete with images and descriptions will really prove that they just don’t make them like they used to.

Mackinac Bridge - Michigan

Mackinac Bridge – Michigan

2. Top 10 Best and Worst Airlines in the World by Safety and Service
This article struck a cord with many readers causing a little controversy. Airline Ratings dot com list of the world’s safest and worse airlines were ranked based on information gathered from government bodies, lead aviation associations and fatality records. Oddly, while some of the airlines in the top 10 suffered passenger fatalities in the past, the list nevertheless goes on to include them as the safest and other airlines such as Virgin Australia who have a perfect record, were missing from the list. But we will let you be the judge.

Qantas A380 over Sydney Harbour

Qantas A380 over Sydney Harbour

1. Top 10 Places to Spend Christmas in America
And at top of our list as the most read article of 2014 is where to spend Christmas in America. With well over 10,000 unique visits, our most popular story covered places to enjoy a white Christmas, a warm Christmas and just somewhere a little different to partake in the Christmas spirit throughout the USA.

Fourth of July

Thanks to all of our readers last year and here is to many more stories and readers this year. Don’t forget you can find us on both Twitter (@morethanroute66) and Facebook (/morethanroute66) and also Instagram (@tj747). Have a great 2015 everybody and here is to more travel for all.


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