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August 5, 2014


Las Vegas’ Hottest New Thrill Ride – VooDoo Zipline

by Jason Dutton-Smith
Voodoo Zipline - Las Vegas (photo courtesy of VooDoo Zipline)

Thrill seekers in Vegas are flocking to the latest thrill ride. Located just off the Vegas strip at the Rio Hotel and Casino, the VooDoo Zipline is a terrifying ride that flies 497 feet above ground, whisking riders between the two hotel towers at over 30 miles per hour (50km). And the most terrifying part? There is no arm rest, harness or safety bar to be found! This is not one for the faint hearted.

The Rio Hotel and Casino is a famed Las Vegas hotel located just off the strip at 3700 W Flamingo Road. Offering over 10 restaurants, countless bars, a huge casino floor and famous shows such as Penn & Teller, MJ Live, The Rat Pack is Back and more, the Rio has long been a favourite for visitors and locals alike.


Now there’s the VooDoo Zipline. Gaining world-wide attention, this latest thrill ride adds to Rio’s popularity, becoming the latest ‘must-do’ thrill ride in Las Vegas.

Here is a video from opening day.

Commencing from the patio of the VooDoo Steakhouse on the 50th floor of Rio’s Masquerade Tower, riders are propelled a distance of 800 feet across to the 20 storey Ipanema Tower. The novel twist however, is that you have to zipline back – and backwards! Lasting just over one heart pumping minute, riders retrace the harrowing ride with the wind to their back, returning safely to the platform they started from.


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Just you and a view…

Your feet dangle towards the ground, there is no safety bar like a roller coaster or harness or safety straps to keep you in. A simple looking seatbelt is all you have at 400 plus feet above the ground. With 360 degree panoramic views of Las Vegas of course.

And now with a view from the seat…

Hours of operation – 12 noon to 12 midnight, 7 days per week
How many riders at once? – Two riders at the same time or for the brave(r) travel solo
Is there a height restriction? – You must be taller than 48 inches (122 centimetres)
Is there a weight restriction? – No single rider can be more than 300 pounds (136kg) and double riders cannot exceed 450 pounds (204kg) total.

Do you have what it takes to ride VooDoo Zipline at Rio? Purchase tickets online here with Ticketmaster.

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