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January 12, 2014


Top 10 Best & Worst Airlines in the World by Safety & Service

by Jason Dutton-Smith
Qantas A380 over Sydney Harbour

Let’s face it, most people book their flights based on the cheapest fare or the best schedule, however airline safety should also be a top consideration for passengers. This week the West Australian News presented the survey listing their picks for the best and worst airlines in the world based on the combined criteria of safety and service.

According to the survey, airlines were ranked based on information gathered from government bodies, lead aviation associations and fatality records. Oddly, while some of the airlines in the top 10 suffered passenger fatalities in the past, the list nevertheless goes on to include them.

The Australian based survey could be the reason that Qantas came out on top, but there is no denying that the airline with its long, fatality free service record over decades of pioneering global aviation is a deserved recipient for the number 1 spot. In fact, according to the survey, 448 airlines were surveyed with 137 of them obtaining the ultimate “seven star” safety rating.

Virgin Australia, while one of the safest and most service oriented airlines in the world, and also one with zero passenger fatalities was not listed in the top 10 though.


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And on top of the list……

These are the top 10 airlines for safety listed by

1.  Qantas (Australia)
2.  Air New Zealand (New Zealand)
3.  Emirates (United Arab Emirates)
4.  Etihad (United Arab Emirates)
5.  Cathay Pacific (Hong Kong)
6.  Singapore Airlines (Singapore)
7.  Virgin Atlantic (United Kingdom)
8.  EVA Air (Taipei)
9.  All Nippon Airways (Japan)
10.  Royal Jordanian (Jordan)

And the bottom of the list…

Along with the top 10, there was also a list of the airlines with the dubious distinction of being the world’s worst when it comes to safety and service. The 10 worst airlines according to the same survey are:

1.  Kam Air (Afghanistan)
2.  Scat (Kazakhstan)
3. Bluewing Airlines (Republic of Suriname)
4.  Afghan Airways (Afghanistan)
5.  Daallo Airlines (United Arab Emirates)
6.  Eritrean Airlines (Eritrea)
7.  Lion Air (Indonesia)
8.  Merpati Airlines (Indonesia)
9.  Susi Air (Indonesia)
10. Air Bagan (Myanmar)

Do you have a favourite airline you like to fly or one you would never fly? Let us know with a comment below.

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8 Comments Post a comment
  1. kishanacharya
    Jan 13 2014

    good post …


  2. SecretID
    Jan 14 2014

    I am a pilot for Susi Air. Nothing to be proud of 😦


  3. Poindexter
    Jan 22 2014

    Qantas at number one? what a joke.


  4. Hali
    Sep 24 2014

    Virgin Australia is fatality free… WOW, they haven’t killed anyone in 6 years??? THAT’S UNPRECEDENTED!!!!
    Also, Emirates as one of the safest airlines? Remember in Melbourne a few years back when they nearly killed more Australians than the Black Saturday bush fires? Apparently that’s safety.
    And finally, since when was Virgin Australia service orientated. I flew on a 2 and a half hour flight over lunch time and received a glass of water and a man-bitch of a flight attendant. This was after the rebranding.
    Qantas deserves top spot for sure. Twice as good as Virgin



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