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Colectivo Café - built in 1888 as the Milwaukee River Flushing Station.

Milwaukee – Old World Charm on the Great Lakes

Milwaukee’s slogan is ‘A Great Place on a Great Lake’ and that certainly rings true. This wonderful city on the shores of Lake Michigan offers a delightfully unique mix of old world charm and modern, big city style. This is a forward looking city, but one that isn’t afraid to embrace its past. It does this seamlessly by incorporating its many historically significant buildings into a modern, urbane cityscape unlike any other in America. And you may find some surprisingly famous names.
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Summerfest Logo

Music lovers, get ready for Summer – Summerfest that is!

While writing this I’m reminded of that classic S’Express dance hit ‘Hey Music Lover’, a song that still makes me want to get up and boogie. Is it possible I’m showing my age by saying “boogie”? Still, no matter what kind of sound gets you moving summer is the season for music and a time when great concerts and festivals can be found around the nation. From big cities and small towns to places off the beaten track you’ll be sure to find your favourite bands performing somewhere.
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5 Great American Baseball Parks

The LA Dodgers baseball team recently sold for $2.15 billion making it the most expensive acquisition in the history of professional sports. From the history and tradition of the game to what has become “big league” corporate business, Americans love their sport – baseball being one of the most popular. So here is a list of 5 great ballpark stadiums that baseball fans will want to visit.

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