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Old State House Museum – Boston Massachusetts

You can’t help but feel a sense of great history when walking the charming streets of Boston. History is everywhere and it seems to hang in the air, oozing off the historic buildings and cityscapes like a warm mist after a summer rain. I always knew there was a deep, rich history in this incredible city, and then I stumbled upon Old State House Museum. I couldn’t believe what I had read on the entry plaque – was this true? I knew I was going to be in for a surprise. Read more »


Top 5 American Pride Parades

The home of the gay rights movement, today many American cities continue to champion the legacy set by New York in 1969. Gay pride parades are a firm fixture on the calendar – and this is your chance to celebrate diversity in all its spectacular forms, while at the same time remembering the hard-fought achievements over the past four decades.

Here are our top five American pride parades.
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5 Great American Baseball Parks

The LA Dodgers baseball team recently sold for $2.15 billion making it the most expensive acquisition in the history of professional sports. From the history and tradition of the game to what has become “big league” corporate business, Americans love their sport – baseball being one of the most popular. So here is a list of 5 great ballpark stadiums that baseball fans will want to visit.

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