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Los Angeles Airport LAX Sign

The best time to fly from Australia to the USA

According to recent statistics, Australian’s have been taking to the skies in record numbers over the past few years. Scores of aircraft cross the Pacific daily, filled with tourists and business travellers alike, making Australia to U.S. routes some of the top international markets for air travel. So when is the cheapest time to fly to the U.S.A. from Australia?

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Central Wisconsin Airport Check-in Area. Image courtesy: CWA

Central Wisconsin Airport Set to Unveil New Terminal

Some good news in the regional aviation sector with the completion of the 5 year, $38 million project to renovate and expand Central Wisconsin Airport (CWA).

Serving the Wausau / Stevens Point region, the airport will host a ‘Grand Re-Opening’ and ribbon cutting ceremony on June 9, 2016 for the official unveiling of its stylish new terminal.

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Destination USA!

America’s 35 Busiest Airports…Can you guess number one?

We’ve all been there – running from gate to gate trying to make a connection at a major hub airport, scrambling our way through throngs of passengers. Each year US airports seem to be getting busier and busier. But which airports rank as the busiest in America? And how are these rankings measured?

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NEW Aviation Security Measures – What you need to know when travelling with electronic devices

New government aviation security measures have been introduced for all passengers travelling with electronic devices. If you are travelling with your iPad, iPhone or mobile/cell phone, laptop or other electronic devices then you need to be aware of the new aviation security measures in effect from July 2014. This is what you need to know in order to avoid having your electronic devices confiscated without having to go through the hassle of being denied boarding should you refuse to give these items up.   Read more »

View from aircraft window

5 Tips to Ease Your Way Through Airport Security in the USA

Air travel can sometimes be stressful. You find yourself in a new country, with new rules and often left to navigate on your own around airports the size of several football fields. Here are five quick tips to get you flying on a domestic flight within the USA.
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Arrival Guide and Tips for Los Angeles Airport

Landing at Los Angeles Airport and feeling that rush of excitement to know you have finally arrived is thrilling! You pull into the gate, bounce off the plane and find you are faced with the labyrinth that makes up Los Angeles airport, or LAX as its referred. Here we explore the ins and outs to help glide you through.
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