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April 4, 2020


Top 10 Funny and Unusual Town Names in America

by Jason Dutton-Smith

Sometimes, a name is just a name, and other times it speaks volumes about a city or town. From the wacky, to the downright unfortunate, these 10 towns make quite a name for themselves.

10. Nothing, Arizona

What can one say about a town named Nothing? Rumoured to be founded in 1977 by ‘a bunch of drunks’, its total population is four. Situated 100 miles northwest of Phoenix, Nothing consists of a gas station and a scrap metal yard. On the bright side, this town has zero percent unemployment; they all work in the gas station! Don’t blink, you might just miss it.

9. Hellhole Palms, California

Located in sunny California, Hellhole Palms grows, you guessed it, palm trees. That’s it. No one lives in Hellhole Palms, but for some reason it has its very own special place on the map.

8. Belchertown, Massachusetts

You can’t help but get a bit gassy at the mere mention of Belchertown. It was once known as Cold Springs, but someone in his or her wisdom thought the name Belchertown would be a more suitable name. A section of Springfield, Massachusetts, the area has a population of 15,000 and is only 55 square miles in size (143skm).

7. Hell, Michigan

George Reeves founded Hell soon after Michigan gained statehood in 1837. When he was asked what the name of the town should be, he famously quipped “I don’t care, you can name it hell for all I care.” Well, the name stuck! Always the entrepreneur, George owned and operated a sawmill, gristmill, distillery and store/tavern. He needed to do something with all the extra wheat growing in the surrounding fields so he turned it into whiskey and opened his own tavern. He may have been an old grump, but he was one ‘Hell’ of a businessman.

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6. Accident, Maryland

Located in Garrett County, Maryland, it’s not quite clear how Accident got its name. As if its name weren’t bad enough, the townspeople are referred to as ‘accidental’. According to the last U.S. census in 2017, the population of Accident, called Accidentals, was approximately 314.

5. Nameless, Tennessee

When this town applied to the federal government for a post office, the box for city name was left blank on the application. Receipt of the application was returned with ‘Nameless’, written in the box for the town name.

4. Bummerville, California

Bummerville is an unincorporated community in California without any record of residents and no known reason to be included on the map. But here it is anyway. Most people seem to feel more comfortable living in nearby West Point. Now that’s a bummer!

3. Kickapoo, Texas

They’re the butt of many jokes, but hey, Kickapoo has its very own airport and is home to one of the nine kick-ass Air Force Space Surveillance Systems. Is it wrong that we want to visit?

2. Pee Pee, Ohio

Pee Pee’s name comes from the creek of the same name, which is rumoured to come from the initials of an Irish settler. Thankfully the Irish settler’s name wasn’t Patrick Uleary! There are approximately 10,000 Pee Pees in this little hamlet, and I’m sure it’s a lovely place to visit.

1. Unalaska, Alaska

The top spot of unusual names has to go to Unalaska which is located in, where else, but Alaska. Located way off the snow shovelled track in the remote areas of Alaska, the town interestingly has the largest fisheries port in the U.S.A. measured by the volume of fish caught. Unalaska is also home to the television series Deadliest Catch.

And that rounds out our top 10. Do you know of other locations in the U.S.A. or your own country with unusual or different names? Let us know below in the comments field.

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  1. publishistory
    Aug 19 2013

    Interesting article, Bummerville’s a personal highlight haha! If you’re interested in history, please visit and follow my recently created blog at (I’ll follow you back!) It contains history articles written by myself and friends from university 🙂


    • Oct 27 2013

      Hi, yes I have been following you and your interesting history articles and perspectives. Hope you are enjoying our articles too!


  2. Arizona Astronomy
    Sep 4 2013

    This is really very funny and strange names of the cities. I like it with wonder that who kept the names, Thanks for sharing


    • Oct 27 2013

      Yes we wondered the same thing! Really, who decides these names are good and meaningful and actually signs it off haha…..glad you likes the article, thanks for commenting.


  3. Faye Sturm
    Apr 5 2020

    Funny and unusual is right, but interesting as well. Thanks for sharing.



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