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December 14, 2013

The WestJet Miracle – Spreading Christmas cheer

by Jason Dutton-Smith

Do you have a Christmas wish? Do you believe in Christmas miracles? This week Canada’s second largest airline WestJet set out to create a Christmas miracle of their own, making some passengers’ dreams come true on one very special flight. Little did these unsuspecting flyers know what was waiting for them when they arrived at their destination.

Throughout the night WestJet staff were busy setting up a TV ‘Santa Booth’ at the departure gate with a live link to the jolly fellow himself. As the passengers checked in and made their way to the boarding gate they were asked to speak with Santa Claus and tell him what they wanted for Christmas.

Little kids stared at Santa in amazement and even parents got into the spirit with one asking for a “big TV!”. Another cried out “A diamond ring!” One homesick traveller asked for a flight home to see her parents. Socks and underwear were even requested by one bachelor. One eager young boy stood proud to request an Android Tablet while the requests flowed for all the kid toy favourites from trains to Barbie Dolls.

With the flight safely in the air and passengers nestled snugly in their seats, the Westjet ground team at the other end were just getting started. Teams of shoppers ran to shopping malls to collect the gifts, wrap them and have them ready for the unsuspecting passengers.

Eagerly awaiting their luggage at the cleverly decorated baggage carousel, the passengers stood patiently by while waiting for their belongings to roll down the conveyor belt.  The piercing shrill of the buzzer announced to all that the belts and bags were ready to roll – but wait, what’s this? Snow is beginning to fall at baggage claim! Instead of luggage coming down the conveyor it’s a stream of beautifully wrapped gifts! Soon, Santa Claus arrived to help distribute the gifts that passengers so innocently asked for before the departure of their flight.  Finally the set of parents who asked for a big TV were asked to make their way to the oversized luggage collection area to collect their special gift – a 50 inch flat screen TV.

This great Christmas story and video has gone viral attracting tens of millions of views world-wide, becoming a YouTube sensation. It’s so warming to watch a generous story unfold and to witness such surprise and joy. This would have to be one of the most successful viral campaigns I’ve seen to date from any company.

Enjoy the video below. Merry Christmas everyone.

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