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April 1, 2012

Why More Than Route 66?

by Jason Dutton-Smith
Route 66 sign Santa Monica

This may seem an unusual name for a blog, and there is no intention of distracting from the wonderful journey that Route 66 presents, however there are thousands of adventures to be had across America. This blog is to express my adoration for the time I’ve spent travelling within the USA and deliver my experience via the written word. It was soon after arriving I realised this is a destination to be spoken about and one the world should be encouraged to experience.

After arriving in the USA and spending seven days exploring the many faces of the City of Angels, I landed in the windy city of Chicago (with this affectionate name explained in a future post). This was supposed to be my pit stop on the way to London to live and work like most young Aussies. That was until I met my partner of 13 years now and my life was forever changed. This started an unexpected, extended and unprecedented tour of the United States (and other parts of the world) that lasted two and half years before returning home to Australia. Complete nomad style!

I seriously had no idea what I was in for when I arrived. I started travelling to all the big cities, New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas and was now hooked on this incredible vast country. I wanted to visit more off the beaten path destinations and immerse myself in the culture and diversity and contradictive landscape that is America.

So, why ‘More than Route 66?’

As a self confessed nomad, after returning to Australia I was naturally hooked on every travel show and website available, especially if it involved travel to the US. But a trend was emerging in these familiar stories. It seemed the majority of stories covered three major attractions of  the USA; Disneyland, Las Vegas and Route 66. Let me be clear though, these are all noteworthy and wonderful destinations and will soon be written about. But this vast landscape offers so much more and I’m here to spruke about it!

And so this blog was conceived. My writing intent is to give insight, inspiration and encouragement to every reader who wants to explore this wonderfully rich and diverse country I fell in love with.

So please keep reading, post your comments and feedback and share with your friends and social media community. And stay tuned to find out why America really is just ‘more then Route 66!’

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